You’ve got the power!

So reading some news today I came across this one:

Mexico drug cartels use gory videos to spread fear

The first reaction was the common one: How awful.

Then I started thinking about the problem setting itself: How have we come here? What is the problem? What is the solution? Who should do what?

Of course voting for anything nowadays is completely broken so obviously that won’t do any good – so what can you do to make this better?

Well the next time you are about to purchase illegal narcotics think about this:

When you do drugs (I guess mostly cocaine in Mexico’s case), you are actually contributing to the killings and misery of Mexico’s already poor people! Nice, no? Because you (and admittedly many others) put money on it, these guys are getting killed! 🙂
I wonder if any of those potheads* ever think of that, no? They are, in surprisingly direct way, responsible for this human misery – lovely. Money is power, or better said, application of money is power. If you have it, please think of the consequences of it’s use, please? Pretty please?

(* ok, I don’t know if pot makes a significant contribution, but it might – just needed a buzzword there :))

Vote with your wallet! And go to the Andes and find out yourself from the natives how coca is supposed to be used!

Of course all of this is extremely simple reasoning, but perhaps not very many people think about it when making the purchase. You’ve got the power – use it wisely.


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