Eclipse: Too many files open problem – possible solution!

In my previous post I did a quick rant on how sucky open-source code is – well – I implied it in the context.

Just today I ran again into the problem (I now have ulimit -n and ulimit -Hn to 19000) so I started going through web trying to find real solution. The loveliest thing about this problem is that it doesn’t allow you to save your changes! So what do you do? Yes – copy the changes to clipboard, close the program open the file(s) in text-editor and apply the recent changes manually (and pray that there isn’t so many of them) – BRRRRRRR!!!! WRONG! In Linux, not even copy-paste works... Of course this most probably is not the fault of the lovely kernel but the problem lies most probably somewhere in the wonderful world of gnus, gnomes and so-forth, but damn.. 🙂 I miss KDE 3.5.9.. 🙂 Or maybe I should just get a mac – Ok, I’m not that desperate yet..

This forum-post shows the most promise – yet again you get stability by switching to code produced by people who are paid to do it. 🙂 oh well.. 🙂 Let’s see if it works – I plan to code now for a week with Eclipse open and lets see. Oh yes – the proposed solution is to switch from OpenJDK to Sun’s Java implementation – it figures… 🙂

Btw. Have I ever mentioned to you that gnome sucks? It’s unfortunate that so does KDE4 now, but at least they are trying.

I will put a picture of Big Ben I took, in a vague effort to make my blog more graphical – enjoy!


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