How to fix politics – ie. save the World

Today a group of armed assailants invaded a luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Braliz.

These are the kind of news that wake us up – why? Because it could affect us; Things like the Monsoon floods of Pakistan do not shock us, as we do not go there. So we shake it off with a “how terrible” – comment.

But things like this attack on our turf really make us think – What’s going on? How did we get here? And how can we fix the situation?

Well, in order to cut the story short, I will summarize the two news-items (and many more) into a single thought: We are screwed and the problem is poverty. Fix poverty and both of the problems above are avoided. Simple, eh? Of course this would solve a host of other problems as well.

Of course fixing poverty is not easy, but I’m afraid it is our only sane way out of a nasty deadlock – we still have some time to fix this, but of course we should keep in mind that the more we wait, the more severe the problems will get. Surely you can see problems caused by both local and worldwide poverty in your neighborhood?

No? And if you really try hard?

Another picture here:

One-fifth scale replica of the Statue of Liberty at Île des Cygnes


4 Responses to “How to fix politics – ie. save the World”

  1. People aren’t willing to fix poverty. The steps necessary to fix it in a world with more resources than can be divided without sending even more into poverty – though less severe than than the worst off – shocks most people’s consciences too much.

  2. It could be quite true that there are many who wouldn’t like to fix it, but I think we still have quite a lot of resources available – we should just make the most out of them – see

    Also I read someplace, that they estimate, that around half of all the food in the supermarket will not be sold but carried to the dumpster. This is complete surplus that eventually just causes more work.

  3. Yeah, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and maybe move beyond blind consumerism – laudable ideals, but I don’t think they’d solve the problem even if the entirety of the Civilized World adopted them.

    Mankind’s population has outstripped our resources, especially food and water. The only solution that might work is population reduction and I don’t see very many people willing to go down that road.

  4. Yeap, I for one wouldn’t like to go down that road – however, if we for some reason (ethic, moral, humane, whatever) cannot affect some figure directly, we can try to help the situation by taking a look at it’s first time derivative.

    China has already implemented this somewhat harshly with their “One-Child”-policy, but in Europe it can be seen that in many countries the populations are declining already

    Hence it is quite obvious that richness stops population growth and therefore in order to fix overpopulation we just need to fix poverty and the rest happens automatically. Although this could get into a chicken and egg-problem in case we run out of resources to do it, but that is all the more reason to act fast.

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