Linux Sucks!

Just trying to get a snappy title.

A short post, no rant, about some Linux silliness I run into constantly. Recently I ranted about Eclipse.

Now a couple of observations with KDE4 – the Vista of Linux. 🙂

a) When I have another user logged on, I’m logged on to my account and I want to let the other user use his session for some reason clicking “switch user” on the launcher, it doesn’t display at all the existing sessions – how convenient is that? I have to lock screen and then select switch user to do it – end result: 2-4 sessions open by each user – go KDE4!

b) When another user-session is going on, it is actively hogging computer resources! Like 20% of one CPU – hello? The worst offender is the plasma-desktop so my question is, why on earth aren’t the processes sleeping?? I could forgive something like firefox offending this, but plasma is a system service! Surely the system knows nobody’s using it!

These two are quite minor rants, but running into this kind of silly problems all the time seems depressing – I mean, it’s 2010? Shouldn’t the sw start working some day soon? 🙂

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