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Update: Watchmen

Posted in cinema on August 11, 2010 by maxpower3141

Finished watching Watchmen the other day (see previous post) and I can’t explain it, but somehow I was a tad disappointed by the ending – it was clever, but not clever enough – a bit too obvious, even though somewhat controversial, yet somewhat overly optimistic, when put in perspective with the rest of the film.

Just watch the whole movie and you’ll see what I’m talking about – it’s still very much worth it.

(Disclaimer: following links contain trailers of said movies that contain graphic violence – follow the links at your own discretion)

Just that the ending, for me, is not the most beautiful part of cinematic history. These, in my heart, go to Seven, Audition and Tesis (although this is in hindsight an almost too obvious slap in the face) – Hopefully I can write something about them later on, but I find it funny, that when asked, Takashi Miike (the director of Audition), said that he made the movie to shock people – oh my, what execution. 🙂 Of course the alert reader will find a reoccurring theme in all of these… 🙂


Watchmen RULES!

Posted in cinema on August 5, 2010 by maxpower3141

Yesterday I made myself finally watch Watchmen, well the first hour of it until now, and it is quite spectacular! Here’s one of the trailers from YouTube:

I somehow resisted watching this for a long time, for some very odd reason (I think marketing people could actually discover something by studying why this movie repels), and now that I started, I have to say that I just love it!

Somehow I had the idea that this would be some kind of comedy or parody of retired super-heroes, and it didn’t seem very interesting to me, but in reality this is an extremely harsh movie, where the poor are poor and the rich are lost – kind of like, uh, mm, reality? It is just mesmerizing!

But up until now, I only managed to watch the first hour, so please, don’t spoil the ending for me! 🙂