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Why Capitalism sucks ?

Posted in politics with tags , , on August 17, 2010 by maxpower3141

Simple question, with some nice bias built into it.

The answer is this: It does not lead to the best products in most product categories. It does work exceptionally well for products that are still being developed and improved, but a lot of the products are not this way.

It fails especially in producing durable products. I remember hearing from a friend, who had been talking to a local retailer in a small town, that they had to stop selling a particular brand of shoes in the store, because the customer wouldn’t come back for a looooong time to buy new shoes after buying a pair of that particular brand.

Therefore capitalism actually favors those kind of products that have shorter lifetime and keep sending the customer back for more. This ultimately leads to products with somewhat sloppy design and a lot of cut corners, that want to impose a certain type of tax for us. Just think about print cartridges – you know, the ink stuff? Ends up costing you tons of money if you print at home! With most computer equipment this is alleviated by the fact that the new computers are faster than the old ones, and therefore it is a smaller risk for computer manufacturers to build something that actually lasts – the optimal solution is one, where the computer usage starts to get more cumbersome and slow after a long time, making you long for that upgrade. Sounds familiar yet?

The thing is, that this list could go on and on, but I guess I have made my point already. So what can we do? Nothing? Well – that’s my first thought, since sadly capitalism is the only system we know that even remotely works. Of course in these sort of problem scenarios, we should step back, look at the big picture, identify path to solution and then go work on the details that one day will lead us there, but unfortunately political sciences – being the worst failed science of all – is somehow utterly incapable of employing this sort of thinking.

I think it might be due to capitalism – it seems very much, that in our modern western society, capitalism has employed politics as one of its tools in self-optimization, not the other way around.
Which is why Capitalism sucks.