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How to fix politics – ie. save the World

Posted in politics with tags , on August 21, 2010 by maxpower3141

Today a group of armed assailants invaded a luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Braliz.

These are the kind of news that wake us up – why? Because it could affect us; Things like the Monsoon floods of Pakistan do not shock us, as we do not go there. So we shake it off with a “how terrible” – comment.

But things like this attack on our turf really make us think – What’s going on? How did we get here? And how can we fix the situation?

Well, in order to cut the story short, I will summarize the two news-items (and many more) into a single thought: We are screwed and the problem is poverty. Fix poverty and both of the problems above are avoided. Simple, eh? Of course this would solve a host of other problems as well.

Of course fixing poverty is not easy, but I’m afraid it is our only sane way out of a nasty deadlock – we still have some time to fix this, but of course we should keep in mind that the more we wait, the more severe the problems will get. Surely you can see problems caused by both local and worldwide poverty in your neighborhood?

No? And if you really try hard?

Another picture here:

One-fifth scale replica of the Statue of Liberty at Île des Cygnes